Insurance Billing

Medical Billing Services for Central Florida

Parish Medical Billing Services is a one stop source for your electronic claims processing. Parish provides administrative and revenue cycle management services to medical practices in north and central Florida.

As medical billing professionals, we handle all aspects of insurance claim filing and follow-up, payment posting, patient billing and collections, for doctors and medical offices across central FL.

Insurance billing is the cornerstone of your medical practice. Our track record of success typically includes 10-15% increases in revenue, 96%+ collection rates within 45 days, and insurance payment for your services within 14 business days.


  • Eliminate Staff Turnover, quiting, sick, vacation, leave of absence
  • Battling with Payors, Leave it to us.
  • Around the Clock Support
  • Let the Physician focus on his Expertise, Delivering Healthcare
  • Overall Cost Reduction, or Increasing Practice Margins
  • National Average Expense for In House Biller is 14% of Total Revenue.
Hidden Savings
  • Save Salary & Benefits, SSI, Medicare, Healthcare Premium, Vacation and Additional Training
  • Office Supplies, Postage
  • Generating Appeals, Patient Collections
  • Tracking Payments, Managing Denials, Payor Disputes, Refund Requests
  • Space, Equipment, Internet connections and Telephone lines and expense
  • Claims costs: Clearing House Costs, Forms, Toner, Printing Claim Reworks Coding,
  • LCD Guidelines Software Upgrades and Maintenance

Our Doctors Love Our Services

5 out of 5 stars

I highly recommend Parish Medical to anyone who needs a reliable, trustworthy company.

Reviewer: Dr.Joseph Risko - August 1, 2011

Parish Medical Billing Services I have trusted you for many, many years and have relied on you to take care of all my billing and administration needs for my practice atFlorida Hospital Waterman, in central Florida. I especially appreciate the extra effort made by Parish Medical representing me to my patients and insurance companies, minimizing problems and maximizing revenue. I highly recommend Parish Medical to anyone who needs a reliable, trustworthy company, The girls in the office are the best, friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, and have something not many have with patients, patience.

5 out of 5 stars

I have always felt you treated my business as your own.

Reviewer:Dr. Celestino D. Santi- August 8, 2011

To Parish Medical Billing Services. Just wanted to say thanks for all your years of great service and concern for my business. I have always felt you treated my business as your own and I really appreciate it.

We Are Medical Billing Specialists

A medical billing services company that has been around as long as we have has consistently shown trustworthiness, dependability, and a vast amount of knowledge within the industry. The offices we work with want to feel secure that their medical claims are being processed in a professional manner by experienced professionals, and this exactly professes the ability of Parish Medical. Parish Medical has experience in many fields and specialties, including:

  • Primary Care Billing
  • CAT Scan and MRI
  • PIP Billing
  • Cardiology Billing
  • Workers Comp Billing
  • Hospital Billing
  • Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic Imaging Billing
  • much more...
  • The whole idea behind professional billing is to allow the physician to keep more of the procedure dollars in house, reduce payroll and benefits costs, upfront hardware and software purchases and the time required to contact insurance companies and their intentional slowing down of the payment process. End your billing frustration, leave claims and patient billing to Parish Medical.

    Let Parish Medical Billing Services help you start your new practice or improve your existing one. We guarantee you won't find an easier to use, faster or more accurate medical billing service. Keep more of the money you earn and rid yourself of the burden of employing a large staff and costly computer expenses.

    Medical Billing Pricing

    Call today for an instant consultation, you will be glad you did! We will prove to you we are the best of the Medical Billing and Coding companies you can work with in central Florida!